• When the ups and downs merge, a peaceful landscape takes shape

    I am- inside all the layers I am not

    In the depth of the shadowed canyon, the river runs deepest

    Without opposite sides, there would be no beautiful bridge

    Going over, around, surrendering to the falling

    Heart and Mind - 2 paths, one road

  • PEAT Processing is Powerful Spiritual Technology

    The methods known as PEAT are referred to by their author, Zivorad Slavinski, as Spiritual Technologies. There are no challenges without the interaction of opposing forces. While we may come from a place of Oneness, we are, as human beings, having an experience in duality. It is this duality that offers us every joy and every heartache. Whether we are challenged at work, at home, with others or with ourself- all conflict- all experience- arises from the interplay of polar opposites. Zivorad's Spiritual Technologies offer protocols to work with and transcend the duality we find ourselves in.

  • One on one training offers you the unique experience of immersion into the protocol you are learning. As my schedule permits, i teach individuals the Deep PEAT, DP4 and Unification Protocols. I will demonstrate the protocol on you in every class, so you experientially "get it" as we progress through the material. In addition, you will receive access to all recordings, videos and handouts as well as continued support after the training.

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  • Webinar Training is limited to 3 individuals. Participants benefit by both participating and observing in the application of the protocols.I encourage friends to get together and request a group training so they may continue to practice together afterward. If you are interested in a group training, please contact me, letting me know what protocols you are interested in learning. Deep PEAT, DP4 and Unification as well as trainings dovetailed to a particular application or interest can all be arranged.

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  • If you would like to sponsor a live workshop in your location, please contact me with your interests. I am happy to travel to you and share these powerful technologies. I am able to dovetail a training to the needs of a special interest group as well.

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  • About

    I am Karen Gould. I am a Certified Life Coach with formal training in energy therapies and life change protocols. What I hope to share with you here are the Spiritual Technologies developed by Zivorad Slavinski, of which PEAT is my main focus. I took my first training with Zivorad in Chicago in 2001 and by 2003 was his first Trainer outside his Belgrade group. I have been offering his methods consistently for 16 years. I offer Basic PEAT, Deep PEAT, DP2, DP4, Soul Retrieval, Shadow Integration, Indiana Jones Method, Unification, Universal Process, Little Magical Method, Instantaneous Trauma Resolution, Aspectics and a host of classes dovetailed to particular interests.
    We need to be in touch with every part of our inner selves – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Together this harmonious balance can provide us with direction and peace as we experience this walk we call life. My goal is your holistic success. It is said that as an individual advances, so does the human race. Those who seek, find. My intention is for your success at all levels.

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