• Polarities and Duality

    From a state of oneness, of unity, we entered the world of duality. Duality is polarities. Working with polarities, we work with the fundamental nature of the material world. The interplay of light and dark allows experience, learning and sharing. The PEAT protocols work with the client's experience in duality, acknowledging the opposing forces that make possible every experience. Every goal, every conflict is made possible because of the tension and flux of polarities between the observer and the thing observed.

    Deep PEAT allows one to distill a challenging opportunity down to the structure that supports it- the polar opposites.

    DP4 begins with 2 polarized states and alternates between them until they collapse. Focusing on the polarities, not the story of the experience, allows the structure to become known. Running the PEAT processes allows one to integrates the tension between the opposites and a state of ease is again experienced. We refer to this as a "pleroma" state. Pleroma is greek for "grace of God". It is a state where the discomfort, mental and emotional anguish is released.

  • Acupoints Offer Energy Body Access

    The PEAT System is an advanced therapy capable of being a tool for permanent change and further access to states of wholeness. As western science and medicine have embraced a more global view, a more holistic, whole being, approach to health has emerged. The US surgeon general's 1999 report on mental health states, "MIND AND BODY ARE INSEPARABLE". Today health is not assessed as limited to the physical body alone. For over 5,000 years, Eastern Chinese Medicine has acknowledged this while knowledge of the inner and outer flows of energy predates recorded history.

    At the same time quantum physics presents the concept that everything is one thing- energy. Western healing practices are beginning to reflect this and operate from a greater understanding of our interconnectedness and interdependence. Western medicine/science now includes terms such as holistic, integrative, energy medicine and energy psychology.

    The acupoints of ancient chinese medicine are accessed from these many meridian channels of our energetic nature. Chinese medicine calls these meridians the rivers of Chi, Ki or Life Force. The acupoints are like "windows" of access along these flowing rivers. It has been discovered through the work of psychotherapists and energy medicine pioneers that access to another level of being can be reached while touching or tapping these points. The mind/body awareness intersects here. So by touching the acupoints you can access information you may not be consciously aware of as well as release "charge" or experience of conflict.

    Since touching the points connects you to intersection points of the mind/body, you also have the opportunity to identify beliefs, values and experiences. Often we have made connections that are not necessarily in our best interest, or that run counter to one another. A core unconscious belief that money is evil will undermine conscious effort to succeed financially. This is where PEAT becomes valuable as a tool for change.