• Deep PEAT Processor Training

    A PEAT Processor is an individual who has completed the PEAT Processor Training (3-Day or equivalent) and is authorized to process others using Deep PEAT as developed by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, author of the PEAT System. Only Deep PEAT offers the possibility of Primordial Polarities Neutralization- a transcendent state where one experiences the totality of unity rather than duality. This is a single, spontaneous event that can occur in any Deep PEAT process. Other sessions will resolve in what is known as a Pleroma state- a state of grace and acceptance. Only Deep PEAT follows a charge to its root cause. Deep PEAT, with it's inherent ability to provide "Primes Neutralization", is considered by Zivorad to be the "Jewel in the Crown".

  • Please contact me if you are interested in Training. I am committed to sharing the life changing methods known as PEAT. My Deep PEAT Training Curriculum consists of 8 Modules. The material is structured in such a way that each module builds upon the others. Following this structure we are able to cover in depth; Basic PEAT, Deep PEAT, Solo Processing, Client Processing, Surrogate and Multiviewpoint Processing, Body Processing, and Primes Neutralization. In addition, we learn Deep PEAT-2 and some additional Special Technologies.

    Upon completion of Deep PEAT Training, you will receive a certificate stating you are a PEAT Processor and can promote yourself as such.

    I am also a Trainer of Trainers.

    photo: Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski