• Deep PEAT Protocol

    Through Deep PEAT we are able to touch the points and follow the responses. Each response being like a link in a chain, we can follow the "chain of content" to it's beginnings and resolve them there. In the process you will discover moments when you took on a belief, a value, a choice of action and intention.

    Resolution of Conflict- reaching a Pleroma State
    As you apply Deep PEAT, following the "chain of content" you will eventually reach a resolution to your problem.Zivorad calls this a "Pleroma" state, which translates to "grace or fullness of God". This is the resolution of your beginning problem. The charge is gone, it is no longer an upset, understanding has been gained. Pleroma states can be reached by doing solo or self processing or with a PEAT Processor who facilitates.

    Neutralization of Primordial Polarities, "Primes"
    If you continue to Deep PEAT process, eventually you will follow the chain of content to THE root cause which manifest as your Primordial Polarities. These represent the common denominator of your life struggles as well as your life's grandest moments. The are like the cover to the book of your life. Everything else fits within that cover.
    This neutralization or unification of primordial polar-opposite states is a moment of transformation. Acknowledging the wholeness of the being, our true spiritual nature cannot be ignored. When we come into being, because this reality is built upon duality, we are imprinted with two opposites- two polarities- that are uniquely ours. These two polarities are opposite forces that act upon us. We obsessively and compulsively are pushed and pulled between them.
    Examples: I and Another, Abundance and Lack, Powerful and Powerless, Spiritual and Material, Knowledge and Fear, Fear and Freedom. Neutralization of Primes is a process that requires a trained PEAT Processor. After neutralization, the individual experiences a sense of freedom and learns to exercise freewill in a greater capacity to be at cause rather than at effect.