• DP4 Protocol

    Deep PEAT 4, DP4, is an advanced technique developed by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski. While we often refer to PEAT as a type of energy psychology or meridian therapy, the author defines his techniques as Spiritual Technologies, as the goal of the techniques are unfolding and advancement. Through these and other techniques, energy can be rebalanced, allowing anxieties to dissipate and life to be experienced with more awareness and personal choice.

    The beauty of DP4 is that you and the Client can decide what polarized opposites you would like to work on in any given session. All experiences are polarized in some way, and the Client will soon begin to see that life is a balance of these opposites. So a Client can focus a session to Love/Hate, Trust/Doubt, Secure/Insecure, Giving/Receiving etc.

    DP4 is an excellent protocol to learn because it is very structured, easy to apply and the outcome predicable. It does not follow any chain of content or flow of consciousness that can lead an inexperienced Processor, or the Client, into troubled territory.

    DP4 is a protocol that rebalances the energetic fields by relieving the differential between two opposing forces or polarities. When applied to a challenge such as a traumatic moment, or just a challenging person, situation, event or state, the result is a sense of relief and well being as the energies integrate and rebalance between polar opposites. DP4 utilizes the benefits of both acupoint stimulation as well as brain hemisphere crossover to achieve this rebalancing. Your Client will begin to appreciate that they do not have to ride the rollercoaster of life feeling out of control because they will find the calm in the storm.