• Working with Clients

    My intention is for your continued success. I offer you not only experiential training, but continued support during and after training.

    My Training Goal is to get you utilizing these methods in a meaningful, financially rewarding way-


    It is possible to immediately put these methods to use, and I offer ongoing support for those I train. I want you to take these amazing methods to clients I may never see and to apply them in ways I have never thought of! These methods can be easy to learn, easy to implement and provide your clients with safe, profound changework that will move them out of their stuck places and gaining clarity and resources to live their lives at whole new level.

    If you have an existing practice, I can brainstorm with you about ways to include these protocols and techniques. I train therapists, counselors, bodyworkers, life coaches, business coaches- anyone who helps others to do and be their best. I can help you find ways to utilize the methods for individual and group work, dovetailed to the needs of your practice and your clients.